Ari Benjamin Meyers

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Far Further Fanfara

concert installation
2010 // Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

produced by Soundfair as part of The Knot

featuring Fanfara Kalischnikov

[image: FFF 1]
[image: FFF 2]
[image: FFF 3]

On the landing strip of the former Tempelhof Airport a choreographed open-air concert was presented to an audience seated on red theater chairs placed at one end of the runway. The band Fanfara Kalashnikov started at the other end, barely heard or seen. With each song the musicians moved closer and closer to the audience until by the end of the concert, they were actually in amongst the crowd. Every song equaled one hundred meters of distance and in this way each song was a unique time based experience, with its own acoustic and relationship to the audience. This follows the central idea of SOUNDFAIR, aiming to re-contextualize music through different listening situations and to establish a context for composed sound to be understood and consumed as an artwork.
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